Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mardi Gras Card

Even with all the craziness of Christmas I still found the time to make a card......
Yes I know I am super woman!!LOL
Anyways....... I am in a swap that we have to make a set of cards each month next year. The theme for February is Mardi Gras. And let me tell you this is no easy task!

I had this great idea of using diamonds in the background.... but the stamp I had was way to small the mask covered it. So I start digging and I found this great gold foil tape. So I decided to "create" diamonds on the card. While it looks more like lattice to me it still has the effect I wanted. I am totally in love with this stamp!
Thanks for looking!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Manly Thank You & SBS #26

To all those in the Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers #26. We have a group slowly going. If you haven't joined us yet please do so here. If you have joined please check in on the board. Thanks!!

Here is my manly thank you card!!
I am really into using decorative edges right now and strips.
I had someone ask what BRAK is. It is with the RAK group on SplitCoastStampers. We send out cards for other members birthdays. About the 1st of the month we get a list of about 6 people to send cards to.
Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SBS #26

Here is the link to our group!!
You have to create a yuku account to gain access.
Please everyone join and take the survey so we can get things rolling!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just Because I Care

I have been in the "mood" lately.
So much so I am ahead on my BRAK!!
This is the one I made for March!!

I used a medium size flourish stamp with kelidscope (sp?) ink to do the back ground. The strip of brown is from the stack "All Through- Out The Year". It had like 6 different strips on 1 12x12 page so I chopped it up!! Then stamped on DCWV.
I think it looks very western....... but needs something!!
Any ideas??
Thank for looking!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I am working on a "forum" so we can all communicate, rak, and other things.......
Please send me your email address for the invites (ctmhlin82@hotmail.com)

Creativity doesn't carry.....

So for me creativity doesn't carry over into all crafts......

I got one of those pre-baked gingerbread houses from M's, thinking this looks easy enough. Even on the box it says easy to assemble...... WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

I spent 2 hours trying to get it together..... woke up and the darn roof had fallen off!! After getting that back on I proceed to decorate. This is how it turned out.......

While kinda cute I don't think I will try to make one ever again!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I got an award!!

YAY ME!!! I got this award.....

from http://astampersparadise.blogspot.com/
Thank you so much Naomi!! Check out her stuff she has a great idea for a color ring( that I am going to steal!! )

Now for the rules -
1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to their blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

I visit so many blogs and all are a great inspiration to me. Here are my fave five though!

All of these have amazing works! Hope you enjoy!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Days 8,9 &10 winners and a couple of cards.......

congrats Pictures, Images and Photos
Dawn winner for day 8!
Kelley winner for day 9!
Anne winner for day 10!

Please make sure to email me your address (ctmhlin82@hotmail.com) by 12-20 (note to all winners)

Thanks to everyone for playing!!

Now for a couple of cards I made..........

The first one I started with an idea an of course it didn't work out right so this is what I ended up with.......
Just a very plain card, but kinda cute.

After that I guess I got back into the creative mood and came up with this card.......
Way better than the first.....but since they are both for BRAK I have a jump both December and January done!! Yay me!!
Now lets hope I can stay a step ahead!!
Thanks for looking!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


A few weeks ago Alex posted a thing about smilebox........ well I tried it and am now in love!!
Here is my first "creation".

Click to play
Create your own scrapbook - Powered by Smilebox
Make a Smilebox scrapbook

While I don't think it will replace my papercrafting it sure is a lot faster...... Now maybe my parents won't keep asking "Where are all the pictures?"
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A big thank you!!

Here is a pic of all the birthday cards I received.
I would like to say thanks to all of you for making my day special!!

Well here in stickles land we are getting ready for Christmas......did some shopping today!! Hope to have my tree and outside decorations up tomorrow..... after all that I hope to get back to crafting!!
Also a pic of the cards for days 8 and 9 have been posted!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I am back!!

Thank you everyone for looking for me!! My pc is back online and seems to be working great!!
Sucks that it happened in the middle of my blog candy!!
The tech guys are coming back out tomorrow to figure out why my pics won't upload to my pc but other than that it is working fine!!
So for blog candy days 8,9 and 10
Days 8 and 9 will be sets of 5 Christmas cards.
Day 10 is a SU! Cupcake wheel.
(I think we all know what that looks like!)
Post on this blog until Friday for the winners!!
Also check the other blog postings to see if you are a winner. I have only gotten 2 emails out of 7 winners!!
Thanks again!!

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