Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just Because I Care

I have been in the "mood" lately.
So much so I am ahead on my BRAK!!
This is the one I made for March!!

I used a medium size flourish stamp with kelidscope (sp?) ink to do the back ground. The strip of brown is from the stack "All Through- Out The Year". It had like 6 different strips on 1 12x12 page so I chopped it up!! Then stamped on DCWV.
I think it looks very western....... but needs something!!
Any ideas??
Thank for looking!


Traci said...

Very pretty. I'm not sure what you could add; maybe a bow or brad onto the top layer ?? Or something around the border of the top layer ?

Jenny said...

Its Prety :-)
Maby a frame on the top layer? or to add a stamp with dimensions, white layerd on browon and blue?

Tessa said...

Ribbon? Hardware???


Anonymous said...

Very pretty. I agree with Tess, maybe some ribbon or hardware or something a horsey. Whatever you do with it it already looks nice.

Melzie said...

I was thinking a line of brads down the side, maybe some inking-- give it dimension. But it's a great start!!

The Mama Monkey said...

I love the colors on this one! What about a photo corner (or set of them in 2 of the corners)? Also like the brads ideas...

Skraptacular Designs said...

Hi Lin...just thought I'd check in to see how you have been. What is a BRAK? Sorry if this is a stupid question but thought I'd ask for future reference.

Hope things are going well.

Priscilla SBS#26

Naomi said...

It does look Western! I love the color combo and the swirl patterns on the background look great. If it were mine and I HAD to add something to this exact card, I would likely frame the blue piece somehow to take up some blank space, but I often like open spaces, and I like this card, even if you leave it the way it is :)

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